Glenfiddich is very special in the scope of Scottish distilleries as it is still managed today by its founders, William Grant & Sons. The distillery was founded between 1886-87 by William Grant, who also founded Balvenie and Mortlach. The equipment was bought from Mrs Cummings of Cardow distillery, and launched its production on Christmas Day in 1887. In 1892, William Grant took a break from managing Glenfiddich to found the nearby Balvenie distillery, which is still in the possession of Wm. Grant & Sons. In 1898, Glenfiddich had its own brush with the Pattison crisis. At the time, Pattison was Glenfiddich’s biggest customer, as they mass-bought Glenfiddich single malt to use in their blends. When Pattison filed for bankruptcy, the Grant family decided that they would begin to blend their own whisky. Standfast became one of their major blends, and quickly became a business success.

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