The distillery founded by James Fleming in 1879 is located in the Spey valley, in Kilwinnie, surrounded by woods and popular legends. One of these tells that around 960 A.D. the Archbishop of Canterbury St. Drostan would go to Scotland with his friends Colm, Medan and Fergus disguised as missionaries. They founded a religious community in Skirdustan, on the banks of the Spey, starting to baptize with the waters of a nearby well, which would have had thaumaturgical properties. Hence Fleming’s decision to found his own distillery and to use the waters of this area. Curiosity: Aberlour was not the first distillery with this name: in 1826 Peter Weir and James Gordon were the first to found an “Aberlour” which, however, was later destroyed by a fire in 1879, giving life, a few miles away, to the ” Aberlour “we know.

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