Built in 1819 by the Marquis of Stafford, it was born with the name of Clynelish, a name that it will hold until 1968 until the construction of today’s Clynelish. The history of Brora is closely linked to the drought that hit Islay (although it is located in the Northern Highlands): blends like Jhonnie Walker were growing rapidly and the demand for peaty malts could not be exhausted by the island. So SMD / DCL began producing islay style peaty malts in Brora until 1983, when it was discontinued. Diageo, owners of the distillery, announced in 2017 the reopening and return to work estimated in 2020. Curiosity: It inherits the name from the city where it is located He had never produced heavily peaty malts until 1969, which he resumed in 1973

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