Founded in 1898 as “Dallasmore” by Alexander Edward of Sanquhar, already after a year changes owner with Wright & Greig Ltd who will change the name to the known one. Quite successful distillery, in 1919 it was bought by J.P. O’Brian & Co and resold two years later to Benmore Distilleries Ltd and then moved to DCL in 1929 who closed it until 1936. In 1939 it was devastated by a fire and did not work until 1947 when SMD took control. Expanded in 1950 and again in 1960 but, unfortunately, the crisis of the 1980s was upon us and in 1983 the distillery was closed. Any hope of seeing her again went up in smoke in 1992 when the distillation license was withdrawn. Curiosity: Until 1950 it had no electricity

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