Founded in 1844 north of Inverness by James Sutherland, a mayor of the city. It took him two years to bring the first product to life but a decade later the business didn’t shine, James went bankrupt and the distillery was suspended and turned into a flour mill. In 1884 it returned to operate as a distillery by Gregory & Co, experiencing the heyday of late 19th century whiskey in 1891 the Glenalbyn Distillery Company was founded and a year later Glen Mhor was founded by John Birnie, manager of Glen Albyn. During 1917-1919 it was closed and housed an American person for the construction of anti-submarine networks and naval mines, later, in 1920, it was bought by Mackinlays & Birnie who ran it until 1972, when they were incorporated by DCL. Affected by the crisis of the 1980s, closed in 1983, it was demolished in 1986-1988 to build a shopping center. Fun fact: it stood on ruins previously identified as an old kiln There were probably 2 distilleries called “Glen Albyn”, the first would have been destroyed in 1849 due to a fire and was later converted to a flour mill. It had its own railroad that hooked up to the main one .It used Loch Ness water

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