Founded in 1838 by Thomas Mackenzie, it inherits its name from a plain 15 miles north of Inverness. The Mackenzie family had several properties, including castles in the surrounding area, and are descendants of Irish who arrived in the 12th century. Immediately after construction Donald McLennan and Robert Johnstone bought the license and very soon the latter became the sole owner but went bankrupt in 1847. Only in 1855 Alexander McLennan (possibly Donald’s son) and Thomas McGregor bought the distillery but in 1870 he returned to the Mackenzie family when Alexander died and his wife, sometime later, married Alexander Mackenzie. When he died in 1896, Glen Ord was sold to James Watson & CO, after his death it passed to John Dewar & Sons in 1923 and later in 1930 to SMD. Purchased in 1985 by United Malt & Grain Distillers which after a few decades will become part of the Diageo group. Curiosity: in 1882 Alexander Mackenzie registered “Glenoran” as a name for the distilled whiskey: until the early 1980s it was still known as “Glen Oran” and then as “Glen Ordie” Widely used for the Jhonnie Walker and Dewar’s blends Some of the malts are bottled as “The Singleton” for Asia. Other “Singletons” are Glendullan for USA and Dufftown for Europe and Africa

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