While acclaimed as Scotland’s oldest distillery, the current facilities were not refurbished until 1959, although there was another distillery of the same name closed in 1826 it would have no connection with today’s. A “Glenturret” brand was sold in 1875, but that distillery closed in 1921. It was in 1957 that James Fairlie bought the walls of the distillery, as all the equipment had already been taken away decades ago. It was bought in 1981 by Remy Contreau but in 1990 he sold it to Highland Distillers which were then bought by 1887 Company Ltd which already controlled several distilleries including Macallan. It became home to the “Famous Grouse Experience”, a touristic experience of the world of whiskey. Curiosity: it is clearly a key component of the blend “The Famous Grouse” It owns six warehouses containing around 10,000 barrels

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