Built in 1781 by Alexander Wilson & Co as a replacement for Tochineal, another distillery, from which it inherits most of the equipment. Although it was very independent, even with its own coopers, forge and workers’ houses, it went bankrupt in 1936. Bought at a ridiculously low price (£ 1,600) by the town council in which it is based, Buckie, it was sold to Arthur Bell & Sons in 1938 with a small profit (3,000). Expanded in 1966, as malt had become a key component of the Bell’s blend, it is also used for Jhonnie Walker and White Horse. Bought in 1985 by UDV, which will then evolve into Diageo. There are no official bottlings, the only one is present in the “Flora & Fauna” collection. Curiosity: only 1% of the product is bottled (by independents), the rest is used in blends. It owns 13 warehouses, holding around 60,000 barrels. Unfortunately they contain other whiskeys, also owned by Diageo.

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