Built in 1816 by John Johnston, who in the meantime bought the distillery next door (Ardmore, not to be confused with today’s Speyside distillery) which closed in 1835, and then combined it in Lagavulin. Purchased by John Crawford Graham in 1852 who passed it to James Logan Mackie & Co. in 1867 who hired his nephew Peter Mackie who would take over after his death. In addition, he was the creator of the White Horse blend where the Lagavulin component is very important. This distillery also had difficult times in the 1980s, where it worked two days a week, until a recovery in 1991 after which it never stopped. Fun Fact: Peter Mackie also acted as a sales agent for Laphroaig, but in 1907 the owners decided to start selling their own whiskey themselves. He did not take it well: first he tried to illegally block the water source used by Laphroaig, sued and forced to stop this practice in 1908 he built Malt Mill, a distillery in which he put exact copies of stills to create a whiskey identical to Laphroaig for throw it out of business. It didn’t go according to plan, but the distillery remained active until 1960.

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