Officially founded in 1815, brothers Alexander and Donald Johnston are said to have built it 5 years earlier. He obtained his license in 1826 and remained in the hands of the founding family until 1954. The last descendant, Ian Hunter, had no children and decided to leave it to his secretary Elisabeth (‘Bessie’) Williamson who ran it until 1972. Now owned by Beam Global Spirits & Wine. Fun Fact: In the first decade of the third millennium, it was at the top of islay sales Part of itself is a “grave” from an earlier distillery, Ardenistle. built in 1837 and closed in 1848, now incorporated into Laphroaig .Prince Charles is a great admirer of this malt: for his visit, he decided to take and land a government plane on the “airport” of the island. It didn’t go as planned

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