Founded in 1824 under the name of “Elchie Distillery”, in 1892 the new owner Roderick Kemp changed with Macallan-Glenlivet. It remained in the family until 1996 and since 1999 owned by the Edrington group. The vintage finished in sherry became legendary, in 2004 bourbon cask also came out in the “Fine Oak” series: in the 18yo labels of 1982 the use of sherry barrels by the directors of the distillery was praised even if expensive (with a dig at the distilleries who did not use them), but with the “Fine Oak” release it was clear that ex-Bourbon barrels were also used (since it contains 25-30 years of aging), this was seen as a sort of “betrayal” by the greats distillery fans. Fun Fact: Together with Glenfiddich and Glenlivet, it has the most voluminous production capacities, although it has managed to cultivate a perception of a luxury brand In 2000 he released a series of vintage replicas of 1841,1851,1871, 1874 and 1876 purchased from an “antiquarian”. They were immediately questioned by the historical base of the whiskey world, but Macallan assured their authenticity by having tested “glass and laboratory”: it was an economic success. It took time, various “pressures” and a series of articles by Dave Broom that forced Macallan to subject these malts to carbon dating: this revealed a particular isotope that appeared only after various large-scale nuclear tests. The malts were fake, certainly bottled after 1950.

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