Founded in 1962, although some say that the first distillate came to life in 1960. It has even changed its name several times, passing from Glen Deveron to MacDuff and vice versa. The second name seems to derive from the family that formerly owned the land while the first inherits it from the company that built it, Glen Deveron Distillers Limited. History has it that the first releases were under the “MacDuff” banner, but in 1994 DCL claimed the brand and the distillery began bottling as Glen Deveron. In 1972 it was purchased by William Lawson Distillers Ltd who then joined Martini in 1980 and incorporated by Bacardi in 1992, also using it for their own blends. Curiosity: it is an important part of the William Lawson blend Only 10% is bottled as Single Malt Officially it comes out as “Glen Deveron”, but independents indicate “Macduff” on the label

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