Founded in 1824 by Robert Bain and Andrew Peary on the site of a mill belonging to Pluscarden Abbey founded in 1236, it uses the waters of the Black Burn, in an area rich in distilleries. It is said that it operated even years before legalization, under the name “Milton”, and adds the “Duff” in honor of the family that owns the land. It changed ownership several times: in 1866 with William Stuart, then in 1895 to Thomas Yool & Co and in 1936 to Hiram Walker – Gooderham & Worts. In 1964 they added two Lomond stills to produce the “Mosstowie”, then removed in 1981 to increase the production used in the blends. Now owned by Pernod Ricard. Fun Fact: In the past, it used triple distillation

it is a fundamental ingredient for Ballantine’s

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