Founded in 1823 by James Findlater, it was the first distillery to arise in the Dufftown area. Sold to John Robertson in 1831 for a ridiculous price (things were not going very well), a fair number of changes of ownership followed from A. & T. Gregory, John to Alexander Gordon and then brothers James and John Grant. It even remained inactive for a while while some of its factories were used as both a brewery and a church. In 1852 it returned to being a distillery, releasing a malt called “The Real John Gordon”, in honor of the owner. It then passed to Alexander Cowie who sold it in 1925 to John Walker & Sons. Fun fact: in 1886 an employee of the distillery, William Grant, left his job after 20 years: a year later he founded Glenfiddich. Important malt for the “Black Label” blend by J.W. It is said that it was built around a well, once used to make whiskey illegally It uses a kind of partial triple distillation, similar to Springbank and Benrinnes

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