Founded in 1812 by Captain Willian Fraser of Brackla, it earned the royal prefix in 1835 when they became suppliers to King William IV. The distillery remained in the family until 1898 when it was sold to John Mitchell & James Leict of Aberdeen who rebuilt it. Resold in 1926 to John Bisset & Co Ltd, they resold it in 1943 to SMD. Rebuilt again in 1965/66 it was closed in 1985, after a few years, in 1991 it was reopened and saw the return of John Bisset & Co Ltd as owners until 1998 when it was bought by John Dewar & Sons, of the Bacardi group. Although little known given the few official releases, it is to be considered the “home” where the blend was born: when in 1860 Andrew Usher joined the company he began to create the blending using these malts as first courses. Fun Fact: When Diageo sold it to John Dewar & Sons, the deal did not include barrels and aging whiskeys Widely used for blends: Dewar’s, Bisset’s and Johnnie Walker Gold

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