Founded in 1786 by George Taylor and Alexander Milne, for many it is Scotland’s oldest ever-operating distillery. It was born under the name of Milltown distillery, changed to Strathisla in 1870, returned to Milton in 1890 and back to Strathisla in 1951. Purchased in 1825 by MacDonald Ingram & Co., sold in 1830 to William Longmore, it suffered two major fires, in 1876 ​​and 1879. Bought in 1940 George Pomeroy, an unclear businessman, who ended up in fraudulent bankruptcy, aroused the interest of James Barclay (Chivas) who proposed himself as a buyer in 1948. Having received an absurd price, he lost interest until, a year later, Pomeroy was convicted of tax evasion and Chivas was able to take the distillery to a bankruptcy auction. Fun Fact: The distillate is not put in barrels in the distillery, but sent to nearby Glen Keith

Very important for the various Chivas blends

A peaty malt called “Craigduff” was produced around 1970

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