Founded in 1891 on a mill dating back to 1823 with the name Glenisla-Glenlivet, already in 1895 it changed hands with W.A. Gilbey, then moving on to Pattinson, Elder & Co which, unfortunately, went bankrupt in 1898. Thanks to the investments in gin W.A. Gilbey and his company returned until 1962 when they joined fellow predecessors at Diageo, which has controlled the distillery since 1997. Curiosity: from a newspaper page found in the foundations, it seems that already in 1820 there was a distillery Its name means: The mill in the long valley It is said that he released the first single malt in 1909, but much of his product is used for blends such as J&B and Dunhill

Part of the distillate is sent to Auchroisk to be put in cask

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