Founded in 1830 by Kenneth and Hugh MacAskill, it had a few years of happiness but, in 1848, it was passed to the North of Scotland bank which sold it to Donald McLellan in 1857. Unfortunately for Donald things went badly and in 1860 John Anderson joined the company, who was soon arrested for fraud (he had sold non-existent barrels). Roderick Kemp and Alexander Grigor Allen took possession of the distillery, then other owners until 1916 when DCL bought it. In 1930 it passed to SMD (which in the future will evolve into Diageo), thirty years after a big fire forced Talisker to close for two years, and then return to operation until today

Curiosity: Until 1928, triple distillation was used

It is the most visited distillery of the Diageo group

It has an average phenolic charge of around 20ppm, although it is often perceived more

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