Founded in 1798 by John Sinclair with the name “Ledaig”, it is part of a small number of distilleries founded before legalization in 1823, but closed in 1837. It came back to life in 1878, was then bought by John Hopkins & Co which was then bought itself by DCL in 1916. Closed again in 1930 and then used as a power plant until 1972 when a company called LEdaig Distillery Ltd which, unfortunately, went bankrupt in 1975. In 1978 it was bought by Kirkleavington Property Co, an agency real estate, which formed a new company to revive the distillery (Tobermory Distillers Limited) and at the same time used part of the factories as apartments and cheese warehouses. It worked until 1989, was then suspended and had to wait until 1993 to return to work with Burn Stewart Distillers, the current owners. Curiosity: Today the non-peated malts are released as “Tobermory”, the peat malt as “Ledaig”

The distillate is sent to Deanston to be put in cask and then to Bunnahabhain to mature

“Ledaig” means refuge in Gaelic

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