Four Styles – The Oaky (Auchroisk)
novembre 2, 2020
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Four Styles -The Peaty (Bunnahabhain)


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Four Styles is an introductory range to the world of Scottish Single Malts, where each expression is the result of the assembly of a dozen barrels. As the name suggests, it is divided into four aromatic families covering the main styles of Scotch Whiskey: fruity, malty, woody and peaty. Four Styles is a transparent range: all of its whiskeys are aged between 3 and 8 years. The label shows the name of the distillery, the region of production, the type of barrel, the date of distillation and bottling. Four Styles follows the traditional approach of independent bottling and allows perfect traceability of its single malts.

Extremely peaty, with strong notes of artichoke, banana, chocolate and almonds. Dense and resolute, the attack in the mouth is a tribute to the earth with notes of smoke, wood, pepper but also a fruity touch.


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