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One of the smallest and oldest distilleries in the Scotland, Obanha endured in the coastal town that bears his name since 1794, often described as the gateway between the Highlands and the islandsĀ 

Distillation year: 2008
Casks: Freshly charred AOcasks.
Strength: 56.2% ABV
Region: Coastal Highland
Place of origin: Oban

Nose: mellow, with elusive but unmistakable top notes seaweeds of crunchy seaweed, crystalline salt and coarse black pepper on a shade of wood, perhaps accompanied by fish fillets lightly smoked white. After a while a memory is added of sweet spicy sauce, while with a drop of water, olive oil light becomes the top note.

Palate: Very smooth, soft and enveloping in texture, taste it is fruity and slightly citrusy, balanced by a pinch of salt a half of the palate gives an insistent but never intrusive spiciness, coming from freshly burned barrels. The effect is vigorous, with a great balance between the crunchy spice of wood and character fresh and fruity from the distillery. Staying sweet all the time, it is delicious smooth, while a drop of water slightly rounds i flavors, bringing out the fruity notes

Finish: Long enough, with a spicy finish with a hint of pepper. The water brings on a nice soft warmth in the aftertaste, as if to announce a last flash of light.

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