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March 12, 2021
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March 12, 2021
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The name ORIGINI recalls the geographical origin of the product, sometimes difficult to identify when it comes to Caribbean Rums and more. The labels show the indications of the country of origin, the distillery, the year of distillation, the number of barrels, the year of bottling. Each Rum of the ORIGINI line is unrepeatable, produced in very limited quantities (the number of bottles produced by each barrel is almost never more than 300), a quantity that varies considerably depending on the type of barrel but above all on the evaporation / transpiration of the wood which occurs during the aging period, a factor that causes a lowering of the alcohol content and a general loss of quantity in the liquid contained within the barrel itself (angel’s share).





GRADE: 56.7%

Molasses rum produced in Panama by the PFM distillery and aged in ex bourbon barrels. Hints of vanilla, tropical fruit and chocolate, accompanied by balsamic, almost mentholated notes. Spicy and sweet finish, they leave a pleasantly creamy palate, without being cloying

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