Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak
March 25, 2021
TBRC – Caroni Batch #5 Single Cask Beija-Flor 23 YO
March 29, 2021
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TBRC – Foursquare Batch #3 Single Cask Beija-Flor 10 YO


Main Notes:


Foursquare batch # 3 is the result of the mix of distilled rum in pot and column still, and has after the last vesting period in a barrel ex-Sauternes. Aged 10 years, bottled to the degree of 50.8%, un-chillfiltered and not artificially colored, it is a limited edition of 184 copies and is was selected exclusively for Beija-Flor e the Italian market.

Aroma: Incredibly rich, with vanilla and fruit jam, then apple, cocoa, thick, buttery molasses. A veil of smoke.

Palate: A deep palate, with toasted tones, a souvenir of a box of cigars, pine nuts and fruit spicy. Apricot, then a hint of anise.

Final: Persistent vanilla, spices.

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